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4766Re: Edible grasses in common "lawn"?

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  • Francis S
    Jan 3, 2010
      Creeping Charlie(all parts) I don't know where you live,
      but it is all around the USA.

      (all of these plants are used are pretty much edible)

      pepper weed
      pineapple weed

      these n sprout out in the yard and will grow bigger
      if they are near a garden or some where where they aren't cut.

      Ameranth (vegtable type grain type
      very decorative)

      currly dock (rumex crispus)
      the leaves are good
      the dried seeds make tea (it has iron in it though)

      clover (flower tea)
      leaves aren't to tasty to me but you can eat them in salad/soup if you want.
      wood sorrle
      fat hen

      I have never planted any of these, and they pop up in my yard.
      milk weed has also along with other plants.
      (oh you can also eat the sprouts from maple the seeds that come up with the leaves taste sweet

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Anna Janek <annakamenska@...> wrote:
      > also Violets the whole thing roots,leaves and flowers
      > Anna
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