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443RE: [pfaf] Boosting Your Immune System

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  • LA Hopkins
    Dec 15, 2003
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      Echinacea is a herb that is used at the first sign that you are developing a cold.  You should not use it if you are pregnant and due to people being different my resources show some people may develop a resistance to it after 2 weeks and some after 8 weeks.  Therefore before taking Echinacea you should consult your doctor. 
      No, I am not selling anything.  I write in my spare time and do some research on herbs that we grow.  I have a newsletter and do not post everything in the newsletter some of the stuff I post we have also posted on our website.  However, some thought that because we do sell things on our website that it was innappropriate to refer to the website for further information.  Because I do not believe in spam I offer an invitation to receive my newsletter.  There is absolutely nothing sold in the newsletter nor does the newsletter contain advertisements.  It is simply articles just as this one.

      Hilary Robinson <hilrobinson@...> wrote:
      Can I have a translation please?
      Where I come from, being "in a bind" means being in a no-win situation.

      >Lastly we have the over-advertised Echinacea.  An excellent herb if you
      >find yourself in a bind.  I am going to repeat that so there is an emphasis

      BTW, your mailing reads to me as though you are trying to sell something -
      is this the case?

      Regards, Hilary Robinson
      Cheshire, England

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