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4375Bigger alder seeds and unusual cones

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  • Michael Bell
    Sep 19, 2009
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      10 Cambridge Avenue
      Forest Hall
      Newcastle -upon - Tyne
      NE12 8AR
      0191 266 6435

      I have already told you about my project to develop alder (Alnus) as a
      grain crop. But alder seeds are very small and so I want bigger ones.
      It is now getting to the time of year to go looking for them.

      I want bigger seeds. Seeds are normally hard to see in the cones, if
      you know of a systematic way of looking for bigger seeds I would love
      to know of it. But if the seeds are really big, the overlapping
      pattern of the scales of the cones might be distorted. I would be very
      grateful for anything you can find.

      I would like:-

      Cuttings keep the combination of genes which produced that effect.

      Yes, obviously.

      Statement of where the tree is,
      Map reference
      GPS coordinates
      You take me to see the tree.

      I am running this project like an "Open source" computer project. My
      strains and the finished breed will be available to all.

      I will be away for a month. My nephew is marrying a Nepali girl in
      Kathmandu, and I am going to the wedding. I have been told to expect
      "heroic eating and drinking" and after that, a a walk in "the hills" -
      the Himalays!

      Enjoy the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness"

      Michael Bell

      ps Resent because first time I didn't get it back myself. Sorry if I
      have irritated others by repetition.

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