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4205"Castanea" unknown

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  • Helena Spear
    Jul 7, 2009
      Dear Friends

      I am a new member of this group, and have been trying to search through correspondence that might assist me to identify a nut bearing tree that is growing in a public park near my home. A helpful contact at a gardening magazine identified it as a Castanea but could not tell me which one, and neither whether this one bears edible nuts.

      If these nuts are edible, how does one prepare them for eating? It might be useful in a country where so many people go hungry!

      It is a tall tree, up to 30ft, nice and shady, deciduous and seems to prefer full sun. I noticed that the nuts resemble small acorns with a tough "shell" - very confusing!

      Your possible assistance will be greatly appreciated!

      Kind regards
      Helena Spear
      Pretoria, RSA

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