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4204RE: [pfaf] Wolffia arrhiza

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  • Phil Corbett
    Jun 30, 2009
      Hi - I've never come across Wolffia being traded.

      I think your best bet for getting some in the UK is to consult your local botanists thru your county naturalists trust.

      It is native to some southern English counties, and being the smallest plant in the world it would be easy for a kind soul to pop a few into a plastic bag and post it to you.

      The duckweeds generally have a very high protein content - over 50%, and W.arrhiza doesnt need to use any nutrients on an unnecessary root system.

      Good Luck!



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      Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 15:21:22 +0000
      Subject: [pfaf] Wolffia arrhiza

      Hello all,

      Would anyone have any idea where or how I could get hold of Wolffia (watermeal/least duckweed) in the UK?

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