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418Re: [pfaf] Spammers

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  • Robert Waldrop
    Nov 15, 2003
      Not a problem, thank you for the PFAF website, which I use probably more than any other single plant information site on the internet.  whenever I find out about a new plant, the first place I go for information is the PFAF database.  Many of the plants in my household permaculture situation I decided on after checking the info there.  It has been particularly helpful in identifying local natives that are edible or useful.  I've taken the catalogs of various local native plant seed merchants and gone through them with the PFAF database, and thus found several useful/edibles among typical Oklahoma wild plants like wild gernaium and prairie coreopsis.
      Allow me to point out one additional loophole that I haven't figured an answer out for yet.  Spammers, mostly porno, subscribe and then upload a file to the file section, which triggers an automatic messasge to the group saying so and so has uploaded a "hot porno" document at x location in the file section.  Moderating posting doesn't seem to stop people from uploaded files.
      Robert Waldrop, okc
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      From: Richard Morris <webmaster@...>
      p.s. Thanks to Graham and Robert for pointing out the
      solution to the spam problem.
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