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4106Re: Poly folly tunnel!

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  • ryborgryborg268
    Jun 11, 2009
      ...mmm a blank message, right...that sort ov relects my personnal veiw of polytunnels. Obviously get a greenhouse is you can afford one or have the ability to dismantel a big one even from ebay or somewhere. Martin Crawford from ART gets around the lack of roof ventilation in polytunnels by the means of a themostacically solar powered fan he has fitted to one end. He keeps out (grey) squirrels with bird netting, traps mice, forgot to ask about slugs - oh he was ok with slugs, the frogs etc get 'em. He has a auto water system drip fed. VERY together set up.

      Ideally I would get myself a twin wall polycarbonate greenhouse for early and late season growth and to be able to seal it up easily to kkep out this and that.

      To grow?: tomatoes, cucumbers, melon maybe, squash maybe but they do ok outside usually, lettace in big pots - take out as need and the rest fill out, cacti, kiwi fruit, grape vine, excellenmt plave to start off loads of stuff from nut trees to lots of veg.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Kate" <catherinejoyce1@...> wrote:
      > Hi there all,
      > I have just acquired a poly tunnel- not large, just 12 x 15 feet. I wondered if any of you might have a few words of wisdom for me? Favorite plants to grow- or not, and if you mulch; what with? Do any of you collect rainwater off them? Are there any books you would recommend?
      > (I'm in Norfolk, UK by the way).
      > Thanks
      > Best wishes
      > Kate
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