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  • Helena Makwana
    May 29, 2009
      I want to know the cause of Vitiligo and whether it is curable by preventive medicines completely. As per my knowledge it is due to defect in production of melanin pigment and other immunological agents. I would also want to know whether it has any relation with contra or miscombined foods which causes some effect on melanocyte function of producing melanin. If it is due to some contra foods, which food combination is not favourable and may cause Vitiligo. This has a relation with one of our collegues who is suffering from Vitiligo and wants to stop it spread entirely.

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      Subject: Re: [pfaf] Fertilized eggs
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      Date: Friday, 29 May, 2009, 8:37 PM

      No, I have not heard or read anything like this though I am also one of those who are concerned about cholestrol.

      In India there are many vegetarians. Many of them DO NOT mind eating unfertilized eggs. They think it does not contain chicken embryo and there fore it is not live. They call themselves eggtarians.

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      From: fastone123
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      Does anyone have any information about the pros and cons of eating fertilized chicken eggs . I once read that in fertilized eggs there is an active enzyme that consumes the cholesterol ,has anyone heard of this? John , Meaford Ontario Canada

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