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405Crataegus schraderiana

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  • James M. Cheshire
    Oct 24, 2003
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      Hello, everyone. I'm new here; allow me to introduce
      myself. My name is James, I'm 18 and I hope to earn a
      masters in horticulture and open a nursery. I am very
      interested in 'new' crops, especially those native to
      the USA; I have studied, to some extent, the pawpaw
      (Asimina triloba) and the groundnut (Apios americana).
      Currently, however, I have a pet interest in the
      hawthorns (Crataegus). I am mostly concerned with
      their ornamental value, but after recently sampling
      the pome of a highly endemic Florida species, C.
      lacrimata, I became interested in fruit production.
      Which brings me to my question; where can I obtain
      that gem called Crataegus schraderiana? I was planning
      to try and hybridise it with American species of
      superior fruit quality, such as C. mollis, C.
      succulenta, C. flava, etc. And of course I want the
      fruit themselves! I'm looking for a source of either
      seeds or plants; it doesn't matter.



      James M. Cheshire, horticulture student
      Location: Central Ohio, USA
      Climate: Humid Continental, Zone 6a
      Webpage: http://members.gardenweb.com/members/lamiaceae

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