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3924Re:Hardiness (Re: Pecan Seeds)

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  • chex.rice
    Apr 18, 2009
      J, they are just calling some seeds "northern Pecan" it is not really a variety. The seeds I was talking about in the original post are from the farthest northern reaches of its native range. Gary Fernald is probably the top expert on the Pecan in its coldest and shortest season form. Pecans are not native to ontario and the seeds for what they grow probably came from Gary Fernald. You will notice that even though all of Ontario is much farther north than any part of Iowa and that southern Ontario has zone 6b and Iowa is entirely zone 4b and 5a, 20 degrees F colder. The Great Lakes moderate southern Ontario's temperature. Contact Gary Fernald and ask him any question about cold hardy pecans. He is the expert and has the seeds.

      Gary Fernald's email: garyfernald@...

      zone 5a, Illinois, USA

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      > Hi,
      > The most winter-hardy Pecan cultivar seems to be "Nothern Pecan". I came across it on the internet. It seems to be grown northwards up to Ontario, eventually even commercially. I was interested in gettings some seeds, seedlings or small trees in Europe myself. So far, I haven't come across a source. Nothern Pecan is mentioned on an internet site from the U.S.A. However, I didn't get a reply to my request at the email address given on that site.
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