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391Re: [pfaf] Re: Re: An open souce plant database

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  • Mazza Verdante
    Oct 3, 2003
      Please keep talking about this in this forum ~ I'm trying to find a suitable DB platform for my local seedbank and these 'wonderings' are of great interest.

      Mazza Verdante (Australia)

      Judy Phillips wrote:
      Hi Richard and thanks for the subscription info. I will check into it.

      > Yes it look a nice bit of software. There are a few other things we need
      > 1) colaborative input. We need a mechanism for allowing info to be added.

      Greenstone handles this quite well in my experience--clients could use
      anonymous ftp to upload a specified folder on the site where data is to be

      > 2) more sosphticated searches. Our data come highly structured. Free
      > text searches a great but some searches, say trees greater than 10m
      > which are hard to do.

      Yes, that is a challenge. Perhaps each file could have a header record of
      some sort with this sort of data coded in as keywords so that it would be
      searchable? Or a separate searchable file could be created containing the
      structured data you require, which then links out to individual documents in
      the library? I am not a database design expert (anymore)--just musing.

      Perhaps I should get me over to the pcplantdb list to continue this
      conversation, rather than boring pfaf members with my wonderings. I have a
      techie friend who has collected a virtual cadre of utility programs to
      develop efficient searchable databases for geneological research. Seems the
      requirements might be quite similar. It may be that she can make some useful
      suggestions. I am so grateful for the plant database info that pfaf makes
      available online--would like to make some small contribution!

      Green blessings
      Judy Phillips

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