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3872Hardiness (Re: Pecan Seeds)

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  • Richard Morris
    Apr 16, 2009
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      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Peter Ellis <peter.ellis@...> wrote:
      > The message <f29ef4600904151501u7df1148awa5c145d7803a215a@...>
      > from Chex <chex.rice@...> contains these words:
      > > Europe hardiness map for comparison:
      > > http://www.gardenweb.com/zones/europe/
      > Ooh goody ! I thought. Very useful, until I realised that it claimed
      > that where I live in Istria has the same temperature range as Norway !
      > Something seriously wrong there!

      If you look at the scale it is the minimum temperature over the year. I would say that these figures look about right to me, it rarely gets below -12 degrees C in the UK. You can get some very cold nights around the Mediterranean so by this scale they end up being in the same zone.

      I think the problem is the concept of the Hardiness scale which works well in the US does not translate well to the Europe. There are a lot of factors which affect how well a plant will survive, not just the minimum temprature and these are more significant in Europe. In particular the gulf stream brings both warmth and moisture to the UK.
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