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3825Re: [pfaf] Re: Victim of its success ;-)))

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  • Erich Enke
    Mar 28, 2009
      > For what its worth last month we had 1,779,084 page views from 301,141
      > unique address. Thats about average for the site working out to nearly 30GB
      > of data.

      I'm sorry, I was being a bit facetious. I had thought it would be
      self-evidently ludicrous that one person could be making a noticeable
      dent in the bandwidth, unless they were automating their requests.
      Hence, the winking smiley. But I miscommunicated. Apologies.

      My primary intent was to communicate in an informal and slightly
      humorous way that I enjoy your site and have found it to be valuable.

      I'll consider donating. I wouldn't estimate my usage to be excessive,
      but I do believe it has some value. Thanks.

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