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3792Re: [pfaf] Victim of its success ;-)))

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  • Jacques PRESTREAU
    Mar 28, 2009
      Hehe... It was my case also last year. I did very extensive accesses for
      years and years.

      And when last year I suddenly saw that there was a possibility to make a
      donation (GBP 35.00) via Paypal and that it was possible with this
      donation to download the whole database and some tools to use it
      standalone... I immediatly did it (Rich remembers perhaps, I had mails
      with him at his time, in the beginning of last october, identified as
      "Black Winny").

      I really considered that it's a donation to help and gratify the work
      they do, not a purchase. First PFAF makes this job for us and freely,
      and second it's a very big and permanent work to do. I know what it
      represents... I do the same in herpetology for a dozen of associations
      in France.

      So now I still use the website of course, but only for specific, focused
      uses... even daily ! But now when I have to do extensive browsings for a
      large work, I use the standalone database. It's a good way to use,
      because it permits to save bandwidth for the owner of the site, and it
      permits a very speed access of use (due to standalone work, even
      disconnected from the network) and many database SQL requests built by
      myself on the standalone version for large browses.

      Hum... to Rich : the indication "usable for all the versions of Windows"
      about the database in the "standalone Access version with a runtime" is
      not true any more. Ended, it's out now (except when using very very very
      old Windows). With the mots recent versions of Windows we always have to
      download the Access2000 version which is compatible for all versions of
      Windows and Access (even the runtime freely loadable on Microsot site)
      since Windows 2000 up to the last one (or use like me the Ascii version
      as I tell below). So I think it could be good to keep it available, but
      changing the sentence on the page.

      In every way I prefer to use the ASCII version which is an absolutely
      full version like the Access versions, but which is compatible with
      MySQL instead of the Access version. It was a very good idea to permit
      its use... and available with scripts to import into MySQL ! So I use it
      directly in my Firefox as working interface !... And last but not least
      it's installed on a USB key that I have in my pocket everywhere I go
      with the USB version of Firefox also installed on it ! I use it for my
      personal work, even on wild lands with my notebook... but also to do
      free pubs to PFAF by showing it as occasional demos in the associations.
      And without any trace on the machine I've used !

      Really, make donations to help this excellent work of Rich ! Everybody
      wins ease in it. It's at the bottom of the brown column at left of the
      pages of the website.

      Another consequence, minor but real : I can permit to avoid Rich to pay
      a supplement to his provider at the end of some months like this one.

      Friendship to all
      (Zoologist in France)

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      De : Erich Enke <erich.enke@...>
      A : pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      Date de l'envoi : 28/03/2009 5:19:14 PM +0100
      Sujet du mail : [pfaf] Victim of its success ;-)))

      >> Woah ! Have you seen the success of the website, this month ?
      > A good portion of that might be me -- I'm new to permaculture and I've
      > been querying like crazy for candidate plants for my garden. ;-)
      > You have a great site! (though it still needs an entry for moringa trees. hehe)
      > Erich
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