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3709Re: [pfaf] Re: Manna (supernatural comment)

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  • Infowolf1@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2009
      Perhaps these are not so much conflicting, as just various ways
      of describing a thing, that has ALL these features.

      God used to walk with Adam and Eve "in the cool of the evening"
      in the Garden before The Fall. And besides which, breakfast is
      the most important meal of the day. Jump starts your system.
      So such timing is not unreasonable besides which, it also would
      be a case in point kind of message to not delay when God
      gives you a break.

      That alignment with things of nature is not necessarily non
      supernatural, for God made nature, and seems to like to work
      with processes and not just kablamo there it is, though can and
      will do that also.

      It might also be a message to consider, that everything they
      were used to hearing connected to paganism, is in fact
      properly belonging to YHVH the true Creator and maintainer.

      But that on one day only it would last, so that no work need
      be done on The Sabbath, and that all other days nothing would
      survive to the next day as edible, shows it was supernatural.

      And you don't hear of such things going on now from travellers
      and bedouin, do you? Perhaps there is some kind of natural
      thing, that can be found in small amounts there, on a morning
      timing, some times of year, that was taken by God and
      made into a huge and modified version of itself, not unlike the
      use of the loaves and fishes as templates to make thousands
      more loaves and fishes when Jesus Christ fed the multitudes.

      If so, it certainly isn't doing this year in, year out, because
      this lasted 40 years.

      Moses had been in the wilderness before, when he fled to
      Midian from having killed the Egyptian, and he was taken by
      surprise by all this.

      So it wasn't normal.

      Mary Christine

      In a message dated 2/22/2009 9:30:08 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
      permalove@... writes:

      There are many - we could call them "conflicting" - descriptions of manna
      in the bible. No doubt this is due to the fact that numerous people are
      describing it.
      Just take "hoarfrost" alone.. that could definitely be mushroom mycelium.
      Exodus connects manna to the dew (hmmm.. a natural phenomena) and apparently
      it had to be collected before the sun melted it away. If it was a
      "supernatural" divine gift then why didn't it just sit there until it was
      gathered? Coincidentally, God seems to have aligned "his" timing with the
      daily dewfall and evapration inherent in nature - not to mention
      decomposition (the previous day's harvest would go bad.. except on Fridays -
      TGIF, baby!).

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