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3503Re: 5 acre meadow planted with fruituing and nutting trees

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  • Jim
    Dec 15, 2008
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      Nice but cold this time of the year.

      Its not a grid formation but staggared rows by the way...mm yes, I
      would do cosmic patterns for even an acre forest garden, but the idea
      in my head for this meadow was to cut the hay etc by tractor
      somtimes, the area being too large to hand cut...that why the rows.
      Same species cultivars are placed together for reasons of cross
      fertilisation (very crucial with some species). Its basically a
      fruiting and nutting arboretum on species rich meadow, which will be
      developed more as such with hay cut in mid August to allow flower
      setting. Hopefully there will be a decent crop of fruits and nuts for
      people to gorge on in years to come...and in 'real world' terms, a
      from spring to autumn selection of fruits and nuts to sell at farmers
      markets. But this was the 'playing' planting scheme - a rich mans
      foible. The next field which I already have my eye on, will be more
      commercialy planted maybe. Its quite wet though...so that might rule
      out walnuts unfortunatly, one of my favourite nuts. On the other hand
      why bother. The (next) area of land would require some dodgy dealing
      and thus is panicy and fearsome due to current economic situation.

      Hope you all are getting limbered up for the feastivities. I know I
      am, haha. Yes, it sure would be a blessing to be able to encompass
      cannabis into the forest garden inputs and outputs.


      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Steve <permalove@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jim
      > I felt similarly to Rich about the grid arrangement. Not just from
      the point
      > of view of aesthetics, but also that spreading out your similar
      varieties (I
      > see peach, almond, almond, nectarine, apricot in close proximity)
      may help
      > prevent pests which target one genus. or family.
      > Perhaps a north-south oriented cross with your chestnuts as the
      points of
      > the compass, then the alternating mid-points (NE, SE, SW, NW) could
      be your
      > peaches and almonds...this could give you a nice circular feature.
      > Or use your oaks and hawthornes as part of a windbreak.. In the end
      > hard to get an idea from a white sheet.. is there a slope
      involved? perhaps
      > towards the "v. wet" spot?
      > I'm envious of your 5 acres..
      > Peace,
      > Steve.
      > --
      > "Look beyond complexion and see community.."
      > Maya Angelou
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