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3477Re: Blue potatoes

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  • howigetby
    Nov 30, 2008
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      Woops, my sister used my laptop while I was in Tucson, and forgot to
      logout of Yahoo. Sent my reply from her email by mistake. Don't know
      if it actually went thru or not since she isn't a member of this group.

      Anyway, in case it didn't, I am very familiar with the all blue (or
      purple) potatoes. I really enjoy them. They taste a little sweeter to
      me than the normal white fleshed ones.

      They make a really creamy mashed potato and they make a wonderful
      baked potato too because they never get mealy. Not so great for french
      fries because they are a soft potato (not mushy, just softer than the
      typical potato).

      Saved a few in the fridge from this summer to plant in the spring so I
      can have a many as I want in 2009. I have a hard time finding them in
      the grocery stores.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "mirakulu2003" <mirakulu2003@...> wrote:
      > Are these GMO potatoes?
      > Peter Ellis wrote:
      > Today I found something I'd never heard of before, in a local
      > supermarket, blue potatoes. Googling them produced lots of results,
      > which really surprised me. I thought I'd come across most foods before,
      > as I've travelled extensively, but I'd never heard of these, let alone
      > seen them before.
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