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3354Re: scratch and rock apple rooting method, links working

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  • manofpeace32
    Nov 10, 2008
      You could just put a brick on a brach, ansd place it onthe ground
      I think if yiou wear away par t of ther branch the place to do it
      would be the (editing in --- Under the) BUD (or the little bumps on
      the branches)

      Or accuealy probaly be better to put it right under the bud, thats
      what I do with cuttings, ---------
      -tree braches grow into the ground naturaly also,So I don't think
      that needs to be done, but it shouldn't hurt.

      Bryn that is a interesting loooking apple
      If I had the room I would probaly grow it.
      I could accualy see some one selling those to a grocery store,
      and then the grocery store selling them for 2 for 5 bucks.

      I seen this looking up a appple( Snell's Glass Apple )
      -- it haas nursery links,
      and it mentions Pig snout apple -- pig nose

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Allmende Verden <allmendeperma@...>
      > Again for the non-native-speakers, please: the side of what do you
      > What is the meaning of "scratching low" (the dictionary doesn´t
      > I think there is no verb about what you do with the limb. What do
      > do with the limb?
      > All in all I really don´t know what you`re doing there.
      > sorry & greetings from Klaus
      > Zitat von charfair fairchar <FertilityFair@...>:
      > > I put a limb of a rose, maple, hydrangea after I scratch the side
      near the
      > > earth low and then put a small boulder (I am not too strong--but
      I do
      > > exaggerate) on top of that in the spring and get a lovely maple,
      > > rose or some other plant about a year later. Has anyone tried a
      > > method with apples?
      > >
      > > I would like seeds for the pig snout apple, please. Something
      about an ugly
      > > apple is intriguing. They left it out of the pictures.
      > >
      > > When I place a link in my letters, I tap the space bar or
      the "enter" after
      > > the link, and for some reason that "sets" the link.
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