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3308Re: I have a small amount of fresh Crategus (Hawthorn) pedicellato seed available

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  • Jim
    Nov 1, 2008
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      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <cromlech108@...> wrote:
      > --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <cromlech108@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Send me an email (not to the list please) with a delivery address
      > and
      > > I'll post them off to u asap for free!
      > >
      > > I believe that hawthorn seed will be likely to give 50%
      > germnination
      > > the following spring if planted fresh, i.e. now.
      > >
      > > The Agroforestery Research Trust says that it tastes good, like
      > > apple. Its OK, I wouldn't say it tasted fantastic or anything. If
      > you
      > > are on a foraging meditation it would be useful. It would be nice
      > to
      > > grow this seed and so to have it on own rootstock also rather
      > > grafted. This is good to be able to do this. That was the idea of
      > the
      > > project, to grow interesting fruiting/nutting trees and give away
      > > seed, plant material, nuts and fruits for eating, etc.
      > >
      > > You would have liked David Everys project, people. A Hazel and
      > Walnut
      > > experimental trial crop project on 6 acres in the hills of Powys.
      > He
      > > was a mediational hermit geezer. I discovered his aboandoned
      > project
      > > a few years after his death. Oh whats her name from the movement
      > for
      > > compassionate living, now also dead, told me about his place. I
      > > gather lots of nuts. Best trees went to ART. Guess what. A cop
      > bought
      > > the derelict place, renovated the house, tore out most of the
      > > even though he was grazing pigs that love the landscape Every had
      > > created. Just out of anti hippy spite I think. David was into
      > > cannabis also....it make the meditation deeper. Damn. I could
      > > bought that place, but spent a few months persuding my parents to
      > buy
      > > it for a collective project. (40 grand in 2001)...when I got back
      > to
      > > Everys relative who then owned it, he said a private sale had
      > > agreed (with the cop). There are actually still a few walnut
      > > there last time I made a visit. Saw it for sale recently..the new
      > > people changed the name of the holding from 'nutters'
      to 'gutters'.
      > > Ridicuals! I'll post up the map reference. This location should
      > a
      > > should be a place of pilgrimage for everyone into Nut tree etc
      > > foraging reality. It was like community wide alchmey - I'm sure
      > > was powerful magic..and it was this apsect that was so
      > to
      > > the...the how can I express it, the traditional type UK reality
      > > really. I viewed it as destiny. At least the alchemy was saved I
      > feel
      > > by the fact that the ART now has the products. David Every is an
      > > unknown. he shouldn't be. He was a great geezer!
      > >
      > > Heres the map reference:
      > >
      > > Landranger 148 SO325704
      > >
      > > Blessings - ultimately we can go into aupsicious goddess reality,
      > > Avalon perhaps, tribal soveriegnty perhaps, where goddess dragon
      > > spirit rises/manifests, consciousness changes, the ancestors
      > > all the good hippy shit becomes real, we communicate by this
      > > etc etc. Thats what I mean by David Everys alchemy. Powerful
      > I
      > > recall taking on this energy...when trying to make various
      > > happen..and you could feel it trying to happen the other end of
      > > phone say..and you could also feel the counter energy trying to
      > > maintain the status quo...and kinda drive you a biyt mad, and
      > > to 'win' against bthis energy of community wide change..it would
      > > like golden light, no more than that, a physical thing. Deep old
      > > school paganism...with tribal (maybe Cymru) aspect...maybe thats
      > why
      > > the mainstream of the vegan growing etc movement never picked up
      > > what Every was doing. Difficult to know exactly with cannabis in
      > the
      > > trip which it was then (that in no way neccessarily makes it all
      > > ones head by the way, recall that cannabis and magic are mixed in
      > > this exact way in India)...OM
      > I feel Every was doing some real time magic thing with vegan
      > alchemy...mmmm... tree sprit based magic - r that was it...no maybe
      > more...it is something ESPECIALLY as hermetical medicant that the
      > can I say, ritual abuse elements of red coat foxhunt try and
      > and this sort of ritual abuse being community wide effect
      > traditionally in rural UK society...something like that
      > anyway..forces of good and evil like merlin the wizard and that
      > annoying little boy, Harry Potter, but in reality the British
      > blightyworld that he represents maybe IS the evil source, which
      > exists through the suppression of the Avalon auspicious goddess
      > aspect tribal sovereignty reality in the mainstream present day
      > consciousness. Wow that takes me back.
      > blessed be!
      > >

      I know that sort of thing sounds k00ky to the mainstream ear

      Here, I'll try again:

      Deep in the forest is a myth that becomes real that goes beyond human
      invention. SHE, da goddess! I just connected into it through doing
      lots and lots of pixying I think..as a natural process. Never been
      into offical covens, or groups of pagans, or even the Donga clique of
      protesters that were into magic..as you'll know if you'd bothered
      reading through my rants about them here. No all 'natural magic' with
      me more or less. I think there is something about the Mother
      Earth/Goddess aspect being absent from the 'western' mind/reality due
      to programming by anti magic ritual abuse...and this ritual abuse
      paradigm suppresses this aspect individually and especially
      collectivly, on a society wide basis. Thus 'Avalon' has dissappeared
      into myth and been replaced with blightyworld etc.

      I felt this process strongly at David Everys place - not
      that 'Avalon' would neccessarily be veganic of course - because the
      point of this is that reality is not fixed, can fold by magic, and
      many realities exist, or can do once mind is liberated (especially
      from blighty/'christian'/mason world)..but its possible to make an
      auspcious, Goddess/Mother Earth aspected consciousness (and the very
      reality!) within the vegan tree culture etc context. I.e. 'alchemy'.
      Thus stuff is my true love... I think one needs to do 'karma yoga'
      (good action) to generate sufficent positive energy to be able to se
      it maybe...to be able to break through current western mainstream
      program of the 'old age' and see reality as it really is..an infinite
      process, folding out new realities through magic. That might be a
      concept of god? - the infinite universe(s) folding out out infinitely
      through space and time. Why? - a mystery. The Great Mystery as Native
      Americans say.
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