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3267RE: Re: [pfaf] Monkey puzzle and sweet chestnut seeds for propogating

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  • frank_bowman@yahoo.co.uk
    Oct 28, 2008
      Hi. Yes its a good nutricious nut producer,like the swt chestnut its kept populations alive. Its the oldest pine,its prehistoric from the cambrian,when the dinoraurs were around. They used to be in scotland,u can find the black jet of them on whitby beach+on a beach in mid wales. Basic essentials r the essentials for living,all the rest of our technology gold jewelry,mobiles,ships,toothbrushes,tv!s are merely toys.xfrank

      Infowolf1@... wrote:
      > could anyone tell me what monkey puzzle is good for?
      > it is a viciously thorny tree, the trunk is nothing to risk grabbing
      > to lean on or stop a fall, and when a neighbor cut one down
      > another sprouted in my yard and I finally got rid of it.
      > In a message dated 10/28/2008 2:33:24 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > frank_bowman@ yahoo.co. uk writes:
      > Hi, This is a good site. There seems to be lots of forest garden, edible
      > tree and plant growers on it.
      > About myself and getting plants for free:
      > Im developing a forest garden, on acres of land in North Wales, high up,
      > (its only good for sheep, its said). I've planted all sorts of berries, black,
      > white, red, raspberries, tayberries, thornless loganberries, sea buckthorn,
      > japanese wineberries, willows, biofuel, basket, etc, bamboo, sweet chestnut,
      > hazel, and the list goes on. I never bought them, I haven't got any money, I
      > live simply, so mostly I've never bought any of the plants, apart from some
      > fruit trees from cheap shops, they're good, gages and plums, pears, and apples,
      > and I used our co-ops memberships money for that!, so I'm a real miserly
      > cheapskate. I'm also a member of a forest garden co-op, so I can get cuttings etc
      > from that garden, I've grown lots of trees from seeds, from the apples,
      > plums, pears that I've eaten. I live in acres of land, so I've used growbags to
      > propagate lots of trees, over the years. I just haven't got the money, and
      > anyway why earn it to spend it, when you don't have to.
      > I usually collect lots of hazels and sweet chestnuts, and grow thousands, as
      > it doesn't take much time, and it's a good thing to do. It feels worthwhile.
      > In the grow bag system, I've posted up.
      > I want to expand this to grow lots of selections of free forest garden
      > plants. I've only recently discovered that cobs and filberts are big high fruiting
      > cultivated versions of the wild hazel, found in all the hedgerows. Im
      > finding out so much, its exciting, & want to get hold of eliagnus's, and hardy
      > kiwis, and ....
      > Its much easier to do it for free, give them away for free, easier all
      > round, as ones not causing people to have to time waste in paid work, and
      > contribute to earth eating, plus I'm a very rich person, as I live a simple life, and
      > get mostly everything for free. In the past, I've earned my little wad, paid
      > for everything, house, land, solar, wind, wood, water and sewage, and that's
      > it, I only need a few essentials. Only a few pounds a week to live a comfy
      > good life. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did that! And wouldn't it be nice
      > if our forebears had, and left the house, land and everything else, so we
      > didn't have to earn that wad! That would be even better.
      > So this autumn, finds me with lots of sweet chestnuts, they're UK Northern
      > fruiting ones, from North Wales, the trees fruit mostly every year, and I've
      > got lots of monkey puzzle nuts, which I cant wait to get experimenting with
      > growing, (Im going to try a few in the growbags, but all the info says you have
      > to pierce them in the compost, like a dart) but there was a shortage of
      > Hazels this year, so haven't got many of them. Otherwise I've got thousands and
      > thousands, yippee!
      > If you want some, and live in North Wales, get in touch for me to show you
      > where to pick the Sweet Chestnuts from. If you want me to send you some, Ring
      > or text me, (texting is best, as I haven't got a very good signal here) on
      > 07706589090, and we shall arrange it then, by SAE. Seeds for Free no probs.
      > Monkey puzzles an sweet chestnuts.
      > And, Id love to get some cob nuts, and filberts, for growing next year,
      > lots, thousands if I can get my greedy hands on them, and any other forest garden
      > plants, getting them for free by post, I shall send an sae for you to pop
      > them in and sent back to me. Is anyone interested in that?
      > Sending me some free seeds, plants, trees?
      > Maybe we could get a sharing forest garden plants, seeds, trees system
      > going. That'd be good!
      > Best wishes, x Frank.
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      > "Only when the last tree is cut; only when the last river is polluted; only
      > when the last fish is caught; only then will they realize that you cannot eat
      > money." Cree Proverb
      > So? --be an outlaw and a rebel, stop eating, consuming the earth up. do
      > living simple and voluntary simplicity instead!
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      > The gift economy, is community, voluntary work, family, co-operatives, open
      > source, scientific knowledge sharing, matriarchical societies, free cycle,
      > green movement, permaculture, forest gardening, the earth gives and gives and
      > gives. see www.gift-economy. The
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