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3210Re: pictures of the plum in Istria

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  • maartendeprez
    Oct 11, 2008
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      > I think you have it exactly. I must have put it badly into Google as I
      > didn't get this.

      The point is, i added "-butterfly" so it won't show any page having
      "butterfly" in it, and "fruit" to make it even more specific. It is
      often useful to experiment a bit.

      I think this jujube is the kind of fruit i bought at a Chinese
      supermarket and used in fruit Kefir. They have them dried or smoked.
      Smoked gives, not surprizingly, a smoky flavour, with i somewhat odd
      in Kefir, but can be nice with rice or so.

      Never got a seed from the store-bought fruits to germinate though. I
      can't remember if i used the smoked ones (probably not good) or the
      other. They may need a knife to speed up germination. Good look
      identifying the trees!

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