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321Plants For A Future - A pheonix from the ashes?

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  • Richard Morris
    Jun 13, 2003
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      Plants For A Future - A pheonix from the ashes?

      Its time for a big re think at the Blagdon site. The
      first three years of the planning planning has now expired,
      and we are putting a new application together and are
      currently in discussion with the planners. Its now the perfect
      time to form a new group with a fresh out look and a number
      of new faces are already appearing. We will be holding
      regular meetings on the 3 weekend of each month starting on
      the 19th/20th July. If you want to get involved please
      come along to the meeting, ring 01208 872 963 for details.

      We've also come to the conclusion that we really have more
      land than we need. We would be happy to talk with groups
      and individuals looking for land.

      The immediate focus will be on making the site presentable
      and clear of tat. Good progress has been made in this direction:
      all the piles of hardcore have now been crushed and turned
      into a car park and big fun was had demolishing caravans.
      Theres still a few more to go if you fancy a bit of destruction!
      After that work will begin on planting around the entrance way.

      The Field in Cornwall is looking really vibrant at the moment,
      from a distance it really beginning to look like a woodland.
      Two new volunteers have been coming a couple of times a week
      and new volunteers are always welcome.

      Plans are afoot for getting the catalogue off the ground.
      We have already been in contact with a number of small nurseries
      who are growing plants for us. Together they can supply 175
      PFAF style plants.

      Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants
      Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
      Post: 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ
      Tel: 01208 872 963 / 0845 458 4719
      Email: webmaster@...
      PFAF electronic mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfaf
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