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3201Re: [pfaf] question

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  • Peter Ellis
    Oct 8, 2008
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      The message <4d7faa5f0810081237v4ab0fd16pf03f82cee38ade5a@...>
      from "Geir_Flatab�" <geirf@...> contains these words:

      > WIld growing plums in Istria ,
      > could it be
      > Prunus brigantina or perhaps rather
      > Prunus cocomilia !???

      > any seeds available ??

      > Geir Flatab�

      Hi Geir

      Difficult to be sure but I think probably not. I Googled them but
      couldn't find any pictures. These seem too small at around 12-15mm long.
      They definitely don't resemble small apricots, with or without fuzz!

      I was a bit alarmed at the cyanide angle! People here were eating them
      readily. You can apparently use them for jam and flavouring rakija.


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