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3173Re: apple trees from seed

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  • maartendeprez
    Oct 1, 2008
      > I have planted apple seeds before with no results.

      I have grown apples from seed, with success. This was from an apple
      which were supposed to give good grafting stock; i don't remember the
      name. I got them from an apple expert uncle of mine. They were nearly
      a year old and withered by the time i got them, but they were
      delicious. You may need to sow a lot of seeds to get some plants.
      Could also be drought. I planted them right in place, in a roughly
      cleared row only five centimeters large in a woody spot, keeping the
      herbs somewhat low nearby. They grew three plants. I intertwined them
      and removed the branches till about one and a half meters. I haven't
      grafted yet, but i'm hoping for yummy apples. Some people have had
      good luck with that! So, wish that for everyone who tries! If they are
      not good table apples they would still be good for cooking, i suppose.

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