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307Seedy request for you and your friends! (Trees! 8)

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  • Tony Martin
    Jun 9 11:02 PM
      Hi, my seedy request is to help reforest 2 acres of pastureland!

      Over the past 15 years I have converted my garden of about 1/10 of an
      acre into a "Forest Garden" producing around 200kg of Organic fruit and
      veg each year.
      See http://homepage.ntlworld.com/veronicathecow/ for details (It's my
      house for sale in Derby page)

      I am planning to do similar with 2 acres of ex sheep grazing land in
      Wales and expect to plant around 4000 trees and a similar number of
      bushes etc.

      If you have spare seeds, pips, or _tiny_ trees/bushes etc that need a
      home (I want to plant a wide variety of edible trees and other plants) I
      would be happy to pay the postage costs involved and of course in the
      future, to reciprocate the favour to others once I have seeds to offer.

      Many thanks

      Tony Martin
      5 Railway Terrace
      Neath Road
      Wales SA9 1PT
      0798 052 1271