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298Re: [pfaf] composting /skunk cabbage

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  • Ken Fern
    May 26 11:39 PM
      Skunk cabbage is poisonous when eaten raw, but it was often used as a food
      when cooked (which destroys the poisonous principle). To quote from the PFAF

      The plant is rich in calcium oxalate, this is toxic and if consumed makes
      the mouth and digestive tract feel as though hundreds of needles are being
      stuck into it. However, calcium oxalate is easily destroyed by thoroughly
      cooking or drying the plant.

      As far as I know, the plant is perfectly safe to use as a mulch or in the
      compost heap, it certainly produces very humus-rich soil wherever it grows.
      There are surprisingly few leaves that have negative effects upon plant
      growth or the soil - some such as walnut leaves and cherry laurel leaves can
      inhibit the growth of seedlings but this can be very helpful when using them
      as a mulch under established plants. I would certainly have no problems
      either in composting skunk cabbage or using it as a mulch

      All the best

      Ken Fern

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      Subject: [pfaf] composting /skunk cabbage

      > Does anyone have Knowlege about using skunk cabbage as mulch, or in
      > the compost pile.Also any info on what nutrients or toxins it may
      > contain {pertaining to using it as mulch or in the compost pile} I`m
      > not interested in eating it . Or where I could search for the
      > info .
      > THANX
      > Bren
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