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2883Re: Lotus edulis

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  • v.scherrer
    Aug 3, 2008
      As I have a shortage on herbaceous nitrogen fixers and soil improvers,
      especially self-seeding ones, let alone ones which yield something
      reasonably edible, I'm always keeping an eye open for any possible
      option. So I had a look for informations about Lotus edulis and it's
      preferred and/or tolerated living conditions. To get an idea whether
      it might be worth to consider this, one might want to take a look at:


      For a comparison with the asparagus pea see:


      For my poor and acid soil, so far - after trials with about a dozen
      different at least halfway promissing species - only the sowing of
      Lespedeza cuneata was successful in the long run. Unfortunately it
      doesn't self-seed on my location, but is amazingly shade tolerant.
      Though reportedly a low growing shrub, it grows more like a scraggy
      grass - though the leaves are of course different.
      Among the others I also tried to cultivate the perennial shrub Cajanus
      cajan, the pigeon pea. But either it was one of those missing the
      appropriate soil bacteria, or it wasn't a suitable variety, or both.
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