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  • amdo
    Apr 24 1:49 PM
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      Your worried about a bit of fucking swearing?...Believe me when i tell you
      that I almost (literally) killed my parents pursuding my parents to come up
      with fourty grand to buy the Every nuttery....and the fucking wankers at MCL
      had the fucking money all along....and then the fucking wigan vegetable
      growers collective seize hold of it all. Well I think its time I ended my
      association with you bunch of RIDICULAS INCOMPETANT EGOISING WANKERS.


      And take care scum, take care.

      Bright blessings.

      King Ado.

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      Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 8:58 PM
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      > amdo wrote:
      > <snip>
      > > Have some fucking respect for traditional livestock herders ridiculas
      > > programmed maoist wankers. The vegan village vision, can only be a
      > > solution for the 'westworld'. As you can probably realise I am FUCKING
      > > ANGRY about you bunch of fucking wankers blocking no just me, but the
      > > magical and practical transformation. I hope you fail to get your
      > > fucking UK vegan horticulture centre wigin ex alf buch of contained
      > > british pricks.
      > >
      > > Allah Akbar.
      > Dear Allah,
      > Please mind your language. Whilst we welcome
      > debate about such issues, debate only come if both sides
      > are open to listening. Your tone sounds like your
      > not open for discussion.
      > Warning, another post in the same tone and I'll remove you
      > from the list.
      > The PFAF point of view is to provide information
      > on alternatives, we try to promote the many different
      > plants which could be used. In a couple of places
      > (2 pages in 7000+) we do highlight some of the problems
      > associated with animal rearing in the west and some
      > of the advantages of adopting vegan diet.
      > We do not prevent anyone from doing anything and we
      > allow free discussion (not slanging matches).
      > I think if you would talk to most vegans about
      > traditional livestock farmers in Tibet you would
      > find that they would be quite supportive.
      > So sane discussion: Yes; slanging match No.
      > Rich
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