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2774USA invasive plantain itch relievers freezing extracting.

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  • manofpeace32
    Jul 7, 2008
      USA invasive plant itch relievers freezing extracting.
      Hi I wanted to share this common yard weed
      also all parts are edible (I will get to that).
      called Plantian.plantago major (easy enough to remember)
      I never had the chance to use it
      (vitamin b 12 stops the bugs from bitting)

      any ways here is a picture

      (On the site are more but this should be good enough)

      About freeze extracting this breaks down the cells
      if you freeze a apple it will be soft as mashed potatoes after

      this plant doesn't take long to thaw at all though seconds.
      Now some times the plants can be dry like where I harvested,
      but in my next door neighbors yard they aren't dry.(i froze dryer
      also I just did this during this post, and noticed other times,
      but not this time
      when I squshed the plant and rubbed it on my iches(even feet iches)it
      left me looking dirty from the green in the plants
      (or maybe "ALSO" from my hands breaking it being alittle dirty)
      freezing looks to be clean so far.

      When I first used it the itch came back a few hours later,
      only a few came back I had many
      but I didn't itch it ,and it didn't bother, and went away no bumps

      the Plant as food Is good I decided to pick some plants in my yard
      (invasive plants are easy to identify so I used weeds)
      when I boiled the greens together I noticed that one plant was juicy
      I think this could be good for stuffing in baked Chicken with spice --
      ---or maybe grilling
      (that just came to me
      (Im just thinking of foods that can become dry somtimes)

      As for the seeds they are used for making metamucile
      that is a laxitive (but it is more then that (link below)
      as a matter of fact some body off free cycle offered
      psyllium husks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psyllium_seed_husks
      so I found this.

      (freezing makes it easyer to crush,
      So if your busy it is easyer not that it's hard though