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2771RE: [pfaf] Re: The American Grey Squirrel in Europe

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  • ingrid glass
    Jul 6, 2008
      Dear 'manofpeace',

      If you'd followed the link I gave in my previous response to this issue, posted on June 14th, you wouldn't be making these statements below!

      I quote from my post :

      "An alternative view :


      Unfortunately the petition has now closed.

      Red squirrels had been in serious decline well before the introduction of greys to the UK, mainly because of habitat removal (coniferous forest) and red squirrel culls - note that greys prefer deciduous broad-leaved woodland. Also, the squirrelpox virus was here BEFORE the greys were!!! They do not kill large no.s of baby birds unless there is a food shortage. Deer stripping tree bark is a greater problem than the damage greys do. There are many disputable 'facts' in the articles you have posted - see my link above."

      Humans wreak FAR MORE havoc (I assume you mean havoc rather than habit???!!) on habitat, but we are always quick to point the finger (and the gun) at some scapegoat or other, rather than ourselves.

      Fair enough if you are a meat eater - better to go out & kill a few squirrels 'humanely' yourself for food, than buy from a shop and not know what conditions/life the animal 'endured' before becoming 'dead meat' for human consumption. (Oh, and conveniently let someone else do the slaughtering for you). But there are other control methods available if there really is such a problem with bark stripping etc. e.g. catching & mass contraceptive programme for the females. Surely it's best to exhaust these possibilities before resorting to killing? Except culling is relatively quick & cheap I guess....I think that's what it boils down in the end, like most things these days.

      If you really are a 'man of peace', shouldn't you approach a problem with peaceful solutions first?

      Anyway, as I repeat again, this is a forum for discussing plant-use matters and so I'm not sure it's the place to discuss controversial issues around squirrel control (or not!) except where it specifically relates to fruit/nut tree health.

      Please read follow-up posts before repeating ill-founded statements as fact!!!

      Peace to you! 8^)


      To: pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      From: manofpeace32@...
      Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 12:00:18 +0000
      Subject: [pfaf] Re: The American Grey Squirrel in Europe

      I know some people might not like it,
      but if it's reaking habit on the habitat,
      competting for food with the natives,
      or introducing disease's
      then I believe it's probaly better for the enviroment.

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