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264The Grand Plants For A Future Spring Clean

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  • Richard Morris
    Mar 7, 2003
      The Grand Plants For A Future Spring Clean

      Spring is here and more planning fun is just round the corner, so its
      time to give the Devon site a through spring clean and tidy. To help
      this process along we've organized a number of spring clean weeks in the
      coming months:

      Tues 1st April - Mon 6th April
      Fri 25th April - Wed 2nd May
      Fri 9th May - Mon 19th May

      Those who have visited the site will know that there are a large number
      of old caravans, piles of hard-core and various tat on site. The weeks
      will centre around dismantling these and general cleaning and tidy of
      the site. Other activities will include constructing screening, building
      a new section of hedge and maintaining the beds. Addressing health and
      safety issues will also be a central part of the clean up. We also hope
      to have all the piles of concrete crushed and levelled to make our car
      park and driveway before the start of the first weekend.

      By the end of the period we hope to have the Blagdon site looking really
      tidy so that visitors will be able to concentrate on the demonstration
      gardens, woodlands and wildlife areas and better communicate the message
      of Plants For A Future.

      The nature of the work will be pretty physical and we hope to attract
      people who can get on with the job with little supervision. Communal
      vegan food will be prepared and there is plenty of space for camping and
      a little covered accommodation. If anyone has a good onsite vehicle or
      is skilled in driving JCB's they will be especially welcome. There will
      be ample time to learn about the work of Plants For A Future; explore
      the 84 acres of grassland and woodland; and relax and chat in the

      If you are interested in attending any of these weeks then please ring
      01208 872 963 or 07813 067 250, email webmaster@... or write to the
      above address.

      Working Weekends At The Field

      A number of weekends are planed at Plants For A Future's original site
      "The Field" in Cornwall. This is in a much more developed site and is
      well on its way to becoming a forest garden with good tree cover. The
      weekends will be on the 24-26th May, 7-8 June and 28-29 June. The
      weekend will feature many plant based activities, and give you a rare
      opportunity to see the site and enjoy the local countryside and tidal
      creek. There is camping accommodation, and very basic cooking
      facilities. For more information on these weekends please ring Addy on
      01208 873 554.

      Plant Orders

      We have now established links with a couple of groups who can supply
      several of PFAF style plants. These are:

      Wildwood Nurseries
      Lower Manor Cottage
      Holsworthy, Devon
      EX22 7DD
      Tel/Fax: 01409 261324 - Email: lorna@...
      Plants Available:

      Abutilon vitifolium - Indian mallow; Agrostemma githago - corncockle;
      Ajuga reptans - bugle; Alchemilla mollis - lady's mantle; Allium
      neopolitanum - daffodil garlic; Allium sativum - serpent garlic; Allium
      schoenoprasum - chives; Allium tuberosum - garlic chives; Allium ursinum
      - wild garlic, ransoms; Alnus glutinosa - alder; Amelanchier canadensis
      - Juneberry; Aquilegia vulgaris - granny's bonnet, columbine; Arctium
      lappa - burdock; Arum maculatum/italicum - lords and ladies, cuckoo
      pint*; Arundaria japonica (Bambusa metake) - bamboo ; Buddleia davidii -
      butterfly bush; Caltha palustris - marsh marigold; Campanula
      rotundifolia - harebell; Cardamine pratensis - lady's smock; Carex
      pendula - pendulous sedge*; Centaurea scabiosa - greater knapweed;
      Chamaemelum nobile - chamomile; Chrysanthemum parthenium - feverfew;
      Convallaria majalis - lily of the valley; Cornus sanguinea - dogwood;
      Crocosmia crocosmiiflora - monbretia; Digitalis purpurea - foxglove;
      Dipsacus fullonum - teasel; Dryopteris felix-mas - male fern ; Echium
      vulgare - viper's bugloss; Euphorbia amygloides - wood spurge; Fagopyrum
      dibotrys - perennial buckwheat; Fagus sylvatica - common beech; Fraxinus
      excelsior - common ash; Filipendula ulmaria - meadowsweet; Galium
      odoratum - woodruff; Geum rivale - water avens; Hebe scrophulariaceae -
      hebe midsummer beauty ; Hedera helix spec. - ivy (golden, common);
      Helleborus argutifolius - Corsican hellebore; Helleborus orientalis -
      Hellebore 'Snowden'; Hemerocallis fulva - day lily; Horseradish; Humulus
      lupulus - golden hop; Hyacinthoides non-scriptus - bluebells*; Hyoericum
      spec. - St John's Wort*; Hyoericum androsaenum - tutsan*; Ilex
      aquifoliaceae - common holly; Iris pseudacorus - yellow flag iris*;
      Leycesteria - Himalayan honeysuckle, pheasant's berry; Lonicera
      periclymenum - honeysuckle; Lunaria biennis - honesty; Lysimachia
      vulgaris - yellow loosestrife; Lythrum salicaria - purple loosestrife;
      Malvus sylvestris - marsh mallow; Melissa officinalis - lemon balm;
      Mentha citrata - eau de Cologne mint ; Mentha spec. - Ginger mint ;
      Monarda labiatae - bergamot; Nigella damascena - love in a mist;
      Onethera biennis - evening primrose; Oreganum vulgare - oregano;
      Peltaria alliacea - garlic cress; Phylitis scolopendrium - hart's tongue
      fern; Polemonium caeruleum - Jacob's ladder; Polygonum bistorta -
      bistort; Polygonatum multiflorum - Solomon's seal; Prunella vulgaris -
      self-heal; Rosa pimpinellifolia - Burnet rose, wild rose; Rosa rugosa -
      Ramanas rose; Rosmarinunus officinalis - rosemary; Rumex acetosa -
      French sorrel ; Salix daphnoides - violet willow; Salix 'Bowles Hybrid'
      - biomass willow; Salix satsika - twisted willow; Salix viminalis -
      osier; Sambucus niger spec. - Black elder; Sanguisorba minor - salad
      burnet; Saponaria officinalis - soapwort; Scrophularia nodosa -
      figwort*; Silene dioica - red campion; Symphytum officinale - comfrey;
      Ulex europaeus - gorse; Vinca minor - periwinkle; Viola odorata - sweet

      Forever Trees Nursery
      Denbury Road
      TQ12 5TR
      Tel: 01803 814098
      Plants Available:
      Hazel Standard and Giant Nuts, English Walnut, Beach, Holm Oak, Pinus
      Cemdra, Carella Pine.

      If you would like to help supply Plants For A Future style plants then
      please get in touch.

      East London Herbal Medicine Garden

      We've been working with The Agroforestry Research trust to supply plants
      for an important new project the East London Herbal Medicine Garden.
      Beacontree Organic Growers and several local groups are working to
      re-established an internationally important collection of over 2,000
      medicinal herbs from Bucksteep Manor, East Sussex in a new site. The
      collection was built up over the past 25 years by Hein and Annette
      Zeylstra, with their students at the College of Phytotherapy, the UK's
      leading educational institution for herbal medicine. Plants for a Future
      are to contribute part of their collection of 1,000 species of edible
      plants for the Forest Garden plot. The project will be launched on 20
      March 2003 at Hanault Forest Country Park, Romford Road, Chigwell IG7
      4QN. For more info please contact barry@..., Becontree
      Organic Growers, Three Trees, 44 Gale Street, Becontree, Dagenham,
      Essex, RM9 4NH Tel: 020 8592 8941.

      Well that's all for now. As ever we still need people (no one is now
      working full time at Blagdon and there are only 1.5 at the Field), money
      (joining as a friend would be a great way to help) and lots of help in
      all manner of things.

      Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants
      Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
      Post: 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ
      Tel: 01208 872 963 / 0845 458 4719
      Email: webmaster@...
      PFAF electronic mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfaf