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2579Re: [pfaf] Cranberries Goji Berries

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  • Diane Lee Long
    Jun 2, 2008
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      Hello Wild Willowkins,

      Could you please walk me through you germinated the Goji Berries, Please?



      wildwillowkins <wildwillowkins@...> wrote:
      This is one I have had rather less success with germinating than goji
      or kiwi fruits.

      I bought a pack of fresh cranberries last autumn, and realised that
      they are actually pomes, like apples, rather than true berries.

      I cleaned out seeds from some, split others and let yet more get over
      ripe and rot into the compost in a seed tray.

      Some of the cleaned out ones I put in the freezer in case they needed
      frost to trigger their gemination capacity. (I found that with Sweet
      Fern, Sweet Cicely, they will only germinate if they have experienced
      a frost, fresh seed just won't do it.)

      I have so far only one seed come up that might be a cranberry, there
      were some annual weeds that had crept into the seed tray but I'm
      pretty sure none of them were cranberries.

      The one that has come up so far looks like a miniature apple seedling,
      with elongated dicotyleda. It is about a centimeter tall so far. I
      hope this is what I think it is and not some other wild seed that has
      blown in, but it is thicker and stronger than the annual weeds which
      were only on the surface, and is coming up a bit like the kiwis (but
      different shape, so it's not an accidental cross seeding.)

      If anyone has any experience of germinating cranberries I should be
      most grateful to hear about them. I could look on the net, but after
      some of the tosh I have read about germinating gojis I would rather
      get it first hand from someone who has done it than from some remote
      source that is probably trying to sell me their own plants!

      I will post about my own seeds when there is more to say.



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