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2449Re: [pfaf] biodynamics

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  • siderea
    May 10, 2008
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      I wonder if planting by the signs of the moon and sun, and the flowering
      of trees is roote mostly in common sense. Most farmers throughout
      history being without calendars and books accumulated knowledge from
      elders and experience.
      Blackberries in our neighborhood bloom anywhere from April to July
      depending on the chill of spring. Far better to guage when to plant my
      beans by, if I paid attention to timing, than a rigid calender or book.
      Personally, my doubts as to the influences of the planets display a
      distrust of astrology in general. But the movement of the earth trough
      its trip around the sun is marked with signs and seasons in the equinox,
      the moon and weather. We do well to observe a little more closely!
      This is fascinating!
      lc carol

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