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2435RE: [pfaf] Re: Biodynamics from a scientific angle

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  • ingrid glass
    May 8 6:51 AM
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      Hi Vic,

      I remember one of the series about Kew Gardens on BBC had a bit about a horticultural student there who for her project planted one half of her vegetable plot according to lunar cycle, and the other half not, tho' treated exactly the same otherwise. The first results were disappointing but it was discovered that the irrigation system on the lunar side hadn't been working properly. After that, there was a really significant difference in the output of the two sides, with the lunar side much more abundant for every crop. Her tutor had been very sceptical at the outset of the experiment, and was surprised at the result. I remember she was out at all hours planting according to the moon. I'm afraid that's all I can remember though! I don't recall them explaining why the lunar side was so much more successful, whether it was to do with water or nutrient uptake related to the pull of the moon. You could try contacting the School of Horticulture at Kew for further information?



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      Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 11:49:05 +0000
      Subject: [pfaf] Re: Biodynamics from a scientific angle

      Thank you very much for your response, I will contact you and send
      you a copy of my work at the same time as others. Together you will
      form a feedback network for me, and that would be a good time to
      create the website. My work has reached a point where I can prove
      that the lunar cycle leaves a mark on plant life, a structural mark
      which provides a stronger "physical direction" a "backbone" for
      growth to develop well.


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