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24Re: [pfaf] plants for australia (fwd)

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  • Joanie MacPhee
    Sep 27, 2001
      If one does not have a warm wet marshy area to grow Brahmi in, it can be
      grown as an aquarium plant on a smaller scale. Joanie

      >Brahmi (Hindi)
      >Bacopa monnieri
      >DESCRIPTION: Creeping succulent perennial growing to 20 in (50 cm). Has
      >spatula-shaped fleshy leaves and pale blue or white flowers on long slender
      >HABITAT & CULTIVATION: Water hyssop grown in warmer temperate and tropical
      >climates, especially in southern Asia. It thrives in marshland, developing
      >into dense mats on mudflats and at the edges of mangrove swamps.
      >RESEARCH: Indian research suggests that water hyssop improves mental
      >function and memory, and reduces learning time.
      >Jackie from NY
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