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236[Fwd: Dioscorea batatas]

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  • Richard Morris
    Dec 5, 2002
      Nobody wrote:
      > Maarten Warndorff (maarten.warndorff@...) added the comment:
      > I attach a site which contains a number of links to good sources of
      > information on Chinese Yam.
      > Having looked at many sites, it appears there is quite some confusion
      > about the names. I am not sure if D.esculenta is a synonym for D. batatas.
      > Nor is it clear to me whether the D batatas or D opposita which is the one
      > used for medicinal purposes in China is also the same as the variety
      > used for culinary purposes in China.
      > Thank you for your excellent website and thorough information (though I did
      > not yet find the answer to my question...).<P>Link: <a href="http://www.ahs.cqu.edu.au/info/science/psg/AsianVeg/Yam.htm">the Plant Sciences Group of Central Queensland Universit</a> </P>

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