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234Plants For A Future newsletter

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  • Richard Morris
    Nov 26 11:56 AM
      --- In pfaf@y..., "propolis" <propolis@i...> wrote:
      > How can I get the newsletter?
      > Best Rgds,
      > Ben Safronovitz

      The best way to get the newsletter is by joining friends of
      Plants For A Future you can do this at
      You can also join by sending your subscription
      £10 - standard membership
      £15 - overseas
      £6 - low income
      £25 - Supporting Membership. For those who want to help a little
      bit more. £150 - life membership
      To PFAF, Blagdon Cross, Ashwater, Beaworthy, Devon, EX21 5DF, England

      When we receive your subscriptions we will send out a copy
      of the newsletter.

      After about a year we may make the newsletter
      publically available on the website or in the files section
      of this group.

      All the best

      Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants
      Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ := http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
      Snail: Blagdon Cross, Ashwater, Beaworthy, Devon, EX21 5DF
      Tel: 01208 872 963 / 0845 458 4719
      Email: webmaster@...
      PFAF electronic mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfaf