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2239Re: [pfaf] Re: Anybody Using Commercial Hydro/Aero-ponic Systems?

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  • Dan Culbertson
    Mar 7, 2008
      Of course some of us have problems with good old dirt - like
      notorious-nematodes-from-hell and vicious-voracious-vandalizing-voles eating
      our sweet taters and such. There are a few hydroponics systems and
      quasi-hydroponics systems that do not use electricity. See ECHO's Technical
      Note on "Aboveground Gardens" available at
      http://www.echotech.org/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=89&Itemid=122 .
      The Shallow Bed garden and Shallow Pool garden are pretty close to
      hydroponics if not exactly pure -- and they are definitely not commercial

      The Shallow Bed garden can even be made sans plastic on an impervious
      concrete slab or roof. Personally, with regard to the other post on
      avoiding plastics, I'm rather more concerned about plastics leaching nasty
      stuff into my food from the plastic linings in steel (tin) cans and from
      some plastic food containers than from what might go into the soil and
      thence into the food from plastic planting bins. In the soil I'm more
      concerned with what happens when so-called organic additives are used - like
      chemical-laden manures, blood meal, bone meal, cardboard, commercial hay and
      straw, etc. At least when I grow my own I don't have to worry about all
      that stuff getting into the produce *plus* what gets into it from cans, bags
      and boxes on the way from the processing plant to my table. Even most
      "organic" store-bought canned produce suffers from tin-can pollution! Guess
      we all pretty much choose our own poisons, so to speak. Maybe I'll find
      gardening paradise next year. :-)


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      > Personally, I am wary of using any growing system that depends on
      > electricity...........one power failure and you are out of business.
      > Plus,
      > since we are all trying to cut back on high energy use, and not spend a
      > lot
      > of money on techno-gadgets in the organic style, I'll stick to digging in
      > the dirt outdoors.
      > Marcia Cash
      > ~Traveler in Thyme~
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