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223Re: [pfaf] Web-site redesign

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  • Ute Bohnsack
    Nov 1, 2002
      Hi Richard,

      I'm just cleaning out my mailbox and came across this:

      Richard Morris wrote:
      > Thanks to all for the feedback. Much appreciated and helpful.
      > A couple of new drafts for logo attached.
      > In relation to specific comments
      > Ute Bohnsack wrote:
      > > How about a composite photographic banner with say 5-7 photos of some of the '5
      > > out of 5' less well known edibles and the PFAF title superimposed.
      > > I'd have a go, if you like, but I lack photos of less well-known species in
      > > their e.g. fruiting stage.
      > Cool, I've been think similar thoughts myself, but time and graphics
      > skills limited. You can find some images at
      > http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/photos/photos.html
      > mainly flowering plants, so maybe not the most useful ones, but..

      Totally overlooked it. Do you still want me to have a go?

      My apologies.

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