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22plants for australia (fwd)

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  • R J Morris (Plants For A Future)
    Sep 27, 2001
      I'm afraid we don't have info about that plant
      in our database (do you have the Latin name?).
      I've passed it onto the pfaf mailing list
      hopefully someone there will no more.

      All the best


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      Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 21:41:52 +1000
      From: kim freeth <kim_freeth@...>
      To: pfaf@...
      Subject: plants for australia

      hi my name is kim, i think your site is great but i was trying to look for
      information about the bramhi plant (memery herb),what sort of environment do
      they live in and how to grow them here on the eastern coast of australia.i
      have five acre mostly clayest soil but iam trying slowly to inprove anyway
      any info would be great. I like herbs, fruits edible everything, any good
      back to basic plants. please help if you can. pasionatly about planting kim.

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