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  • Iggy
    Feb 11, 2008
      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "martin" <martinwnaylor@...> wrote:
      > apologies-> someone got into my computer and got to address book and
      sent the electronic email out to all addreses I don't know much about
      computers i have deleted address book informed yahoo and the company
      comcerned, if it happens again ill have to take it to shop to get
      cleaned up


      Like Martin, I found myself mailing myself on 30 different occasions
      selling spam material such as, but noy limited to, stuff to increase,
      reduce size, meds, and sports products. I had to change my password and
      wrote yahoo swearing my loyalty to the terms of service.

      It is disappointing that someone stoops so low because it will lead to
      being ruled and regulated to death. So be sure you check your bulk mail
      for your own handle, change your password occasionally, and use a
      conbination of numbers letters in upper and lower case.

      thanks Martin for letting me know yhat I was not the only one who was
      made out to be a wild mannerless spammer

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