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2039Re: [pfaf] Re: Forever autumn?

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  • Vic Doyle
    Jan 21 7:46 AM
      The snowdrops are out in London, another thing is that my honeysuckle is still flowering now in the last weeks of January!

      Travis Philp <trphilp@...> wrote: Last year here in southern ontario canada we had a very extended fall. A friend of mine went canoing on her Christmas break which is unheard of around these parts. Except for a few flurries in November I don't think we got snow until after Christmas.

      This year was a little more normalized in the fall but about two weeks ago we were getting temperatures well above freezing for a number of days, which is definetly not normal for this area. Whether or not humans are the cause, things are definetly warming up lately...

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      From: "Vanessa King" <merton.moonsilver@...>
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      Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:50:25 -0000
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      Hi I think this is a global phenomenon - Im in Norfolk, East of England (Anglia) and last
      month a week before Christmas I had a Himalayan Poppy in full bloom! It normally only
      blooms in June. Now, mid-January we have not seen one Snowdrop yet - they are about
      three weeks overdue - same with crocus and all the spring flowers!

      Nessie x

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, siderea <siderea@...> wrote:
      > I have noticed the same thing here in coastal Northern California. Our
      > usual over lap of fall and spring for a mild winter is shortening. Some
      > of the sweetgums still held onto their fall dress till a storm came
      > through last week. but the tulip magnolias, and some early plums and
      > apples are blooming several weeks early. We just had the first thunder
      > storm I can ever remember in January, having lived here all my life.
      > Strange doings on the weather front....
      > Clear skies and apple pies!
      > lc Carol
      > vic_doyle wrote:
      > > Late late flowering and dropping of leaves.
      > > I live in the Rhondda South Wales UK and approx 900' above sea level,
      > > our growing season is usually about a month behind neighbouring areas
      > > which are more like 500' above sea levels. I've noticed this year that
      > > the leaves at the tops on my willow trees have still not yet dropped
      > > off, and as I was taught 10 years ago when learning about taking willow
      > > cuttings, that you can usually transplant after the second week of
      > > November as the leaves will have all dropped off by then, this 2 month
      > > extension of autumn is significant. Also I have still got chamomile
      > > flowering, a little tatty maybe, but again this is significant,
      > > especially as we are at altitude. No question really, I'm just happier
      > > sharing this with the group!
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