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1962RE: [pfaf] my HUUUUGE problem with S L U G S. Help!!!

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  • Allmende Verden
    Dec 3, 2007
      Hi everybody,
      here in Northgermany we get growing problems with slugs as the winters
      are getting warmer and fewer of the eggs are destroyed by frosts. So
      another method is to keep the soil without mulch over winter (what is
      bad for both, slugs and soil).

      In our project we`re trying to use only materials and technics that,
      at least in theory, can be made availible by smal groups of people
      under any economical circumstances.
      We`re using slug-fences. The overal principle of these can be seen here

      It is an inteligence-barrier. To come over it the slug would have to
      climb in the opposite direction it wants to go.
      We built a fence from regional oak-wood which can be seen on the
      bottom of http://davyd.de/allmende/fotos3.html

      A good lute might be birch bark tar.

      still you`ll have the slugs and their eggs inside the fenced area and
      it`ll be ongoing reinfected by mulch or something. For these problems
      we found collecting of the slugs successful.
      for that we`re baiting them with selected rests from the kitchen:
      brassica, fruit, avocado, onion... (experiment what yours like best!).
      The best time for collecting is in the dark, when dew has fallen.
      Worse is in rain and daylight. In the sunlight you won`t find any.
      Best of all they like the cut and dead bodies of other slugs, so a
      second patrol over the area will be successful.
      greetings from Klaus

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      Wir bieten Praktika und freiwilliges ökologisches Jahr.
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