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1961RE: [pfaf] my HUUUUGE problem with S L U G S. Help!!!

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  • ingrid glass
    Dec 3, 2007
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      I visited a wildlife friendly garden last year, run by Marc Carlton & his partner in SE London, and I remember him saying they didn't have a problem with slugs/snails eating their veg because they attracted sufficient predators (birds/frogs/hedgehogs etc) for there to be a balanced ecosystem. It had taken many years to achieve this - seems like a sustainable (permaculture) way to approach the problem to me, tho' more of a long term approach I guess. His website is : http://www.foxleas.com/



      To: pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      From: juliano8@...
      Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 08:49:35 +0000
      Subject: [pfaf] my HUUUUGE problem with S L U G S. Help!!!


      This is my very first post here.

      I am TRYING to get as much inspiration as possible to try and create a
      permaculture garden where I live.
      It is a small garden and quite odd. But before I go off on a tangent, in
      order for me to even BEGIN the design--as it were--i need to know what
      to do about the slug problem we have here in Northwest UK, or at least I have.
      Manchester---well hwere I am anyway.

      I cannot tell you the amount of plants we have bought--not
      vegetables--that have simply become slug food. I have kept the garden
      organic, but in doing so kind of gave in to the slug problem by just
      keeping the plants they dont seem to eat!

      But...if I want to create an edible garden, I really need help with this
      first(?) MAJOR problem.

      I bought Michael Guerra's book Edible Container Garden, and before
      emailing you, I tried to find if he has a contact address (?) but cannot
      find one. because this is a question I would ask him.

      So I am looking for an idea or _IDEAS_ how to tackle this problem of slugs.

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