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1950Re: Re: [pfaf] my HUUUUGE problem with S L U G S. Help!!!

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  • Travis Philp
    Dec 1, 2007
      Slugs eh? I had a problem with slugs out in BC. We were losing whole brassica and squash sections of our two acre garden to slug damage.We had huge success with using mock beer traps. It was cheap, simple, highly effective, and you don't need to use real beer.

      Here's a recipe I found online at http://www.slugsandsalal.com/bookrevu/slugguide.html I have not used this exact recipe so I cannot vouch for its specific effectiveness but as long as you get that beer smell the slugs will make an exodus to your traps.

      According to Field Guide to the Slug some of the best slug traps using beer are made from plastic margarine tubs or sour cream type containers, "the depth of which makes it harder for satiated slugs to escape."

      Cut a few one-inch square or triangular doors into the container sides and use the lid to deflect rain and prevent dilution of the beer. Position the holes just below the container rim and dig the container into the soil, leaving the cut holes at or just slightly above soil level.

      It's the scent of malt and yeast that attracts the voracious creatures. Adding a dash of baker's yeast makes a beer trap more effective. For a less expensive effective substitute for the beer, a mixture of yeast, flour and water can be used. Field Guide to the Slug gives this recipe: "In lieu of beer, an equally potent attractant can be concocted from two tablespoons of flour, one-half teaspoon of brewer's yeast, and one teaspoon of sugar mixed in two cups of warm water."

      If your recipe doesn't work it may be too watery of a mixture. I also suspect humidity plays a part. Let me know how it goes.
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      From: Pat Meadows <pat@...>
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      Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 08:39:52 -0500
      Subject: Re: [pfaf] my HUUUUGE problem with S L U G S. Help!!!

      On Sat, 1 Dec 2007 08:49:35 -0000, you wrote:

      > But...if I want to create an edible garden, I really need help with this
      > first(?) MAJOR problem.
      > I bought Michael Guerra's book Edible Container Garden, and before
      > emailing you, I tried to find if he has a contact address (?) but cannot
      > find one. because this is a question I would ask him.
      > So I am looking for an idea or _IDEAS_ how to tackle this problem of slugs.

      We have cool damp conditions most summers and a major slug/snail problem as
      well. I use a 'slug bait' that is non-poisonous to anything else; it is
      based on iron phosphate which decomposes harmlessly into the soil. It
      works well.

      We're in the USA, but I would think something similar is available in the

      Here is the website, in case you want to take the description to a local
      garden center to inquire:

      Also, I am told that ducks are wonderful for slugs; they eat them all. But
      you may not want to have ducks.... I'd like to have ducks; we don't feel we
      can deal with anything else at present, but maybe someday we will feel able
      to cope with ducks.

      -- Northern Pennsylvania

      Good planets are hard to find; let's take care of
      the one we have.
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