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1939Re: [pfaf] my HUUUUGE problem with S L U G S. Help!!!

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  • Griselda Mussett
    Dec 1, 2007
      I had/have an identical problem - had to use different methods all the
      Went out at night slug hunting and collected them and took them in a
      bucket to the park at the end of the road.
      Installed a small pond with frogs in it (sadly cannot have fish at the
      same time in such a small pond).
      Used copper wire round the rims of tubs and planters.
      Planted rocket and also radishes in thinnish but densely-sown circles
      round lettuces - the slugs don't like these and these fiery-leaves
      plants acted as human-edible hedges for the succulent ones inside.
      Encourage birds into the garden with nut-feeders, and discouraged cats
      by shouting at them....birds helped by eating slugs (I hope).
      One terrible day I did kill some of the slugs when there were just
      hundreds of them.....put them in the bucket with oatmeal which dried
      them out v fast and they died. I still feel guilty about this but at
      least it added no poisons to the garden.
      Also read up about slugs on the net to find out more about them, and
      came to understand and like them better.
      Don't lose heart.
      Good luck.
      (in Kent, SE UK)

      On 1 Dec 2007, at 08:49, Juliano wrote:

      > HI,
      > This is my very first post here.
      > I am TRYING to get as much inspiration as possible to try and create a
      > permaculture garden where I live.
      > It is a small garden and quite odd. But before I go off on a tangent,
      > in
      > order for me to even BEGIN the design--as it were--i need to know what
      > to do about the slug problem we have here in Northwest UK, or at
      > least I have.
      > Manchester---well hwere I am anyway.
      > I cannot tell you the amount of plants we have bought--not
      > vegetables--that have simply become slug food. I have kept the garden
      > organic, but in doing so kind of gave in to the slug problem by just
      > keeping the plants they dont seem to eat!
      > But...if I want to create an edible garden, I really need help with
      > this
      > first(?) MAJOR problem.
      > I bought Michael Guerra's book Edible Container Garden, and before
      > emailing you, I tried to find if he has a contact address (?) but
      > cannot
      > find one. because this is a question I would ask him.
      > So I am looking for an idea or _IDEAS_ how to tackle this problem of
      > slugs.
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