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1932Re: [pfaf] Digest Number 921

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  • Colleen & Geoff Keena
    Nov 12, 2007
      Dear Cindy

      Sorry I've taken so long to reply.

      There is information on harvesting Hibiscus sabdariffa at

      If you look at the image on the following site (near the bottom of the
      page), you will see how large the calyces become. This image shows the size
      of the calyces before picking. I guess you would just have to try a few and
      when you can snap them off, they are ready. If you can't snap them off and
      need to cut them, then they are really a bit past their best but are still
      fine for making drinks etc. I find if I leave them too long that bugs start
      to damage the calyx and then the calyces become useless.

      Best wishes with your crop

      Colleen Keena
      Queensland, Australia
      On 12/11/2007 11:49:25 PM, pfaf@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      Can anyone tell me how I can tell about harvesting
      and when to harvest the calyces of Hibiscus
      sabdariffa? I have tried to check on the Web, but I
      am still not clear on what I should be looking