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1930Re: future foods n Perennial Kale

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  • nocompost
    Oct 29, 2007
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      How did you get on with your perennial kale mission. There are a
      couple of plants here in Leeds, one of which flowered and set seed
      this summer.
      I will be getting some of this seed.
      Also I have a plant which I am going to take cuttings from, if I can
      find into on when and how. I have read Ken's write-up on it, and he
      says it is successful from cuttings but doesn't give more detail than
      Anyone got any experience with propagating peren kale?
      What part of the plant to take?
      Cut or with a heel?
      Removal of lower leaves?
      Size of container etc?

      Anyway, all power to the plants.

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