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1924Re: [pfaf] riparian species - help me

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  • Michael Porter
    Oct 21, 2007
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      I agree with Dan, --I eat it also --it is very good, --Michael

      Dan Culbertson <danculb@...> wrote: I eat poke every spring. You can eat the shoots and leaves up to about a
      foot long - sort of like spring asparagus. Folks say you have to boil it in
      three changes of water but I just boil it once and I haven't died yet. As
      the leaves get older they become tough and toxic but in spring they are
      quite tasty. Once the stem gets reddish I consider it poisonous. The
      roots are always toxic and the berries as well. But spring green shoots and
      young tender leaves are not to be missed! Some folks even grow it
      commercially up north for spring market sales- down here in the south it
      grows wild and happy.


      > It looks like poke to me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokeweed
      > Note this plant is NOT edible, with the possible exception of the very
      > young leaves in spring. Better not to eat it at all, probably.
      > Pat

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