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1884Re: Sea Buckthorn-how can juice be got by hand?

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  • Allmende Verden
    Sep 26, 2007
      Zitat von Annina Salo <aimsalo@...>:

      > I noticed no-one replied to this one about sea buckthorn. It's
      > widely used in Russia and also in Finland where I'm from and grows
      > there both wild on the coast and cultivated inland. They make juice
      > and jam out of it. It's quite tart so a lot of sugar needs to be
      > added but personally I like the taste a lot. It has something like
      > 4 times as much vitamin C than oranges. Ray Mears wild food
      > programme demonstrated recently how to juice the berries directly
      > from the bush by hand (a prickly job),

      Hi Annina,
      can you describe please how this is done?
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